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Memories of Abu Seuriget

 He is Syaikh Muhammad bin Usman, he known as Abu Seuriget, Langsa. He was passed away on July 11, 2017 at 03. 40 WIB.

Regarding on his own notebook in Marbawi Dictionary, he was born on 1934 and transmigrate to Seuriget Village, Langsa on 1982. he married to Ummi Rassuna binti Abdul Ghani, a girl from Sumbok Rayek , Nibong at North Aceh. In his marriage  he has 7 children, 3 daughters and 4 sons.

before he transmigrate to Langsa, he lives in Panton Labu. all o his children was born in there except 2 o them was born in Langsa.

He is teacher of Abu Ibrahim  bin Bardan Panton Labu  when Abu Panton was studying at Idi.

Abu Seuriget is very well mannered Ulama, philanthropist  and did not like to have argue. Once, there is someone who has different opinion from him about Taraweeh Shalah 8 rakaah and haram samadiah , he has never argue and forbidden that. He continuously doing his deeds following his belief until then that person who has different opinion come back as him.

Often a student at traditional school as known as santri in muslim asked his permission to go back home to earn some fees for their study, at the end did not go home as Abu Seuriget gave them alms(sedekaah) while say salaam to take leave.

A lots of student asked kitab( books for muslim guidance), after taught them he gave pocket money without any consideration to see and count them.

He is gone.... He passed away....

Allahummaghfirlahu warhamhu waj'alil jannata maswana wa maswahu.

Essential of Short Tausiyah Abakha Murdani , Son of Him. After Shalah Maghrib  yesterday and regarding history from former teacher at Dayah Fatuhul Ma'arif

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